Our Story

How We Met

Our journey together began with a chance meeting thanks to some mutual friends. On a hot summer afternoon, at the apartment pool of Dustin & Lindee Johnson, over a 3 year-old plastic bottle of imported Armenian vodka, we first met. Though we were both at a unique time in our lives, it was a special moment that played out as we took a short drive to the newly opened Generation 3 QuikTrip Store to get vodka mixers. Despite obstacles, something continued to draw us together as we spent more time together.

Our first official date was attending a French movie at Circle Cinema and eating at El Rio Verde.  As we realized similar interests and loves, we spent time cooking, binge-watching television shows, hiking, exploring and traveling together.  

After three years of dating, Ashley and Ariel (Ashley’s cat) moved in with Matt and Snappy (R.I.P) in October 2014.  Since that time, we have added to our family by adding Finn (a rather mischievous cat) and Toby (an energetic, lovable pup) to our family.  

Some of our favorite memories are spent with our family and friends.  We love to host loved ones at our home and especially enjoy the summers when we can barbecue and cool off in our pool.  

From skiing in Banff to hiking the Great Wall of China, we are fortunate to experience the world together and look forward to many more adventures. We are excited to see what the future holds for our family.

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Our Proposal

On a cold February night, in downtown Tulsa, with the city skyline as a backdrop, Matt asked Ashley for her hand in marriage.

Several years earlier, Matt had taken family photos for Ashley and her sister, Courtney, on this same spot. For Matt, this was the moment he realized Ashley was “the one.”

After several detours, Matt was able to get Ashley to the corner of 6th & Boston, where he proposed.  Ashley was completely surprised and (of course) accepted his proposal.  With the help of Matt’s future best man, we were able to capture moment on video. (Click here to watch)

The surprise didn’t stop there. Unbeknownst to Ashley, 24 hours earlier, Matt had begun inviting some close family and friends to meet for a drink at Vintage 1740 wine bar. He had to be very careful to make it seem like it was nothing out of the ordinary. It was important that neither Ashley or the people he invited knew what was about to take place.  When Matt and Ashley walked in, they were overwhelmed with happiness to see a crowd of loved ones ready to celebrate with them.